Snow Removal Services

We provide both commercial and residential snow removal services for the greater Virginia, Maryland and District of Columbia area. We all love snow, however removing the snow from our parking lots, driveways and streets can be a real hassle. Tony Hauling snow removal servicehas been serving customers since 2003 with dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, and affordability. Whether you have a large commercial property, such as a large parking area, or a few driveways that need to be cleared, you can count on us to get there fast and remove the snow efficiently.

Our highly trained team of snow removal and management experts offers the best snow care services available in thegreater Virginia, Maryland and District of Columbia area. Our large fleet of commercial-grade snowplows, pushers and removal equipment guarantees that we can handle any and all snow clearing jobs. We also offer contingency and emergency snow removal plans for blizzards or other large, long-lasting storms that drop 7inches or more of snow at one time.

Residential snow removal service

Our teams are available to assist Homeowner and Residential Property Managers in taking care of their snow removal and snow maintenance needs and can tailor our services to meet customer needs. In cases where more decorative concrete or brick pavers have been utilized in the landscape, we have the ability to service those surfaces with special rubber plow blades and less damaging plastic shovels.

Whether you need snow cleared from your street, driveway, backyard or roof, we can handle it all. We have regular routes for snow removal services in the greater Virginia, Maryland and District of Columbia area. Let us take care of all your snow removal this winter season. Our rates are more affordable than you may think.

Give us a call today so you can relax, take it easy on your back, and come and go out of your home, even when the snow is piling up. Call the snow removal experts at Tony Hauling Inc. today at 202-345-5365 or fill out the form and we will provide a quote as soon as possible.


The safety of your business, employees, customers, and associates is the ultimate goal of Deicing Services. One of the ways we achieve that goal is to make sure that your property is cleared of any ice buildup that may form during a winter snowstorm. The ice that can settle beneath the snow can be treacherous to pedestrians, and drivers alike. Slips and slides can easily occur, causing everything from fender benders to serious injury. Grant yourself peace of mind by relying on our Deicing Services to prevent such accidents from occurring.

Ice Build Up Mitigation

We consider the various methods that may be used for deicing commercial properties and assess your property to determine the methods that will work best for your particular property. We can apply liquid deicers before the bad weather hits, or directly to an existing ice formation. Solid deicing materials are also efficient, and time-saving, and work best when we spread them directly onto a snow accumulation. Using a combination of both solid and liquid deicers, along with a plowing and clearing regimen, we can help prevent accidents on your commercial property.

In determining the best course of action for meeting your needs, our deicing professionals at Tony Hauling Inc. will consider the type of surface we will be dealing with and the temperature ranges that it will be exposed to. Both liquid and solid deicing methods are temperature sensitive and we will not use them if weather conditions are apt to cause temperatures to fall below the threshold of their effectiveness. Timing is also a consideration. If a snowstorm is expected to start out as rainfall, we will not apply deicers beforehand, as it would only be washed away. We want to avoid less than successful results or having to make numerous re-applications.

Safely Manage Risks

There are certain risks involved with any emergency services business. For the benefit of our customers, Tony Hauling is pro-active about presenting a risk management plan to be included in any agreed upon contract.

We have found that the best way to manage risk is to identify it, evaluate it, and determine the best way to curb it.

Commercial Snow Plowing


Snow Plowing & Removal

One of the basic commercial property maintenance plans offered by Tony Hauling is snow removal. We have the equipment necessary to plow snow and transfer it to a pre-designated area on the property, or remove it to a specified off-site location. We provide this service to a wide variety of businesses throughout the metro area, ranging from large offices complexes to restaurant owners in the vicinity.

Experienced Sidewalk Management

Once we meet with you to evaluate your needs and formulate a plan that you can be confident in, we will immediately begin our maintenance services, which will include 24-hour weather monitoring. You will not have to call us every time the forecast calls for a significant snow event. You can be assured that we will have our crews and equipment dispatched to your site ASAP, and we will communicate our progress to you, throughout the storm.

Commercial Sidewalk Clearing

When you consider a commercial snow removal service, you may be thinking snow plows, and other heavy-duty equipment rolling out to clear expansive parking lots, and roadways – but your sidewalks and entryways will also need attention. Our Snow Management Services are comprehensive, full-services. We are equipped to handle the big jobs, but we also have machinery that is appropriate and effective for the smaller ones. We have snow blowers that we use to remove light accumulations, and others for deep snow removal.

Planning for Sidewalk Clearing

Sidewalk surfaces become hazardous when ice forms under built-up snow. Since ice is harder to deal with than snow is, our crews will work to keep it from attaching to the pavement in the first place by using anti-icing agents that have been formulated for just that purpose. We will coat the surfaces of your sidewalks and walkways well before a storm hits, so they will be most resistant to the onset of ice.

An exceptionally fast-moving, heavy snowstorm can cause ice and snow to accumulate on pavement, despite our preventative treatment. When this happens our goal changes from prevention to removal. We have deicers that work well, even in sub-zero temperatures. Our experienced crew members will consider the thickness of the ice formation and thermometer readings when deciding how much and when to apply deicers.

Tony Hauling is conscious of the environment. We use eco-friendly products in our snow and ice removal programs. Salt-free, organic materials are less corrosive to pavements and eliminate the residue that can be harmful to landscape borders and grasses. Salt and sand compounds can stick to shoes and boots, and be tracked into office buildings adding to the normal wear and tear and lessening the lifespan of carpets and flooring. Non-toxic, odor free liquids are more manageable.

With our high-tech snow removal equipment and total dedication to customer satisfaction, our team of snow management experts will clear your property professionally and rapidly with each snowfall.
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