Commercial Hauling Services

Whether you are a contractor (excavation, utility, road, or bridge contractor) or developer, we specialize in hauling fill CR6, dust, dirt, millings, sod, sand, concrete, rock, road-base, slag, asphalt, gravel, soil, sand dust, and more to and from job sites. Our multi-axle trucks and specialized trailers haul aggregates, asphalt, and compactable fill material as well. We can deliver your loads where you need them, whether that is a site you own, a job location, a local dump site, or somewhere else. Tony Hauling Inc. offers excavation services as well as delivery of sand, crushed stone, granite, crushed concrete, cold mix, hot mix, compactable fill material and more. At Tony Hauling, Inc., we can haul loads of any size, from smaller loads to large, heavy loads. With decades of commercial hauling experience, we pride ourselves on handling heavy hauling jobs with safety and precision. Our quality heavy hauling services are why customers return to us time after time. If you are in need of hauling services, look no further than Tony Hauling Inc.

At Tony Hauling Inc., we strive to provide you with the best customer service and pricing possible. In addition to our excellent high-quality service, and low prices, our dedicated team of professionals provides the expertise necessary to get the job done.


If you are in need of hauling for your next big construction project, Tony Hauling Inc. can serve as your hauling service partner and make sure the materials arrive safely and on time. We employ the best truck drivers in the area to supply our customers with efficient heavy hauling.

Whether you are paving a road, bridge, or tackling another large-scale commercial project, you can trust us to haul your materials safely from point A to point B. We pride ourselves on providing quality services that cause our customers to return to us time and time again for their hauling needs.
Tony Hauling, Inc.’s unwavering service and exceptional fleet of trucks are here for you. Give us a call to discuss your project. No job is too big or too small for Tony Hauling Inc. We look forward to serving you.